• Susan Gant, Interim Administrator
  • Scott Hande, M.D., Medical Director
  • Mary Jane Estes, RN, Clinical Manager
  • Avril Traylor, Business Office Manager


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Dentistry GYN Orthopedics
Margaret Hamilton, DDS Richard Bennett, MD Paul Grutter, MD
Brett Branson, MD Brian Koch, MD
Ear, Nose, & Throat Helen Cavasin, MD Matthew Rose, MD
Raymond Demoville, MD William Nason, MD Bryan Lapinski, MD
Michael Lee, MD Jill Steier, MD Stephen Staelin, MD
John Trussell, MD
Gastroenterology Pain Management
Scott Hande, MD Ophthalmology Christopher Asley, MD
Randy Howard, MD William Goodman, MD
Mark Uhl, MD Pediatric Dentistry
Kristin Gaffney, DO Oral Surgery Angela Templeton, DDS
Brett Inglis, DO Daniel Burchfield, DMD
Bruce McLeod, DDS
General Surgery John Shea, DMD
Jeff Hollis, MD William Cone, DMD
Rodney Mewbourne, MD
John Valentine, MD
Loucinda Dampier, MD